Doctors are not only competent clinicians but also great at health care administration and research. Doctors are the key to Healthcare Institutions as they provide the required medical treatment to the patients in order to heal them, driven by a commitment of service before self.

Nurses play an integral role in patient care and are also pivotal in the hospital’s efforts to improve quality.  Nurses have been the strong force behind delivering world class healthcare.

Allied Health Professionals (AHP):
Allied Health Professionals are trained professionals who work in the healthcare team to support a person’s health care. The aim is to support diagnosis, recovery and improve quality of life. Allied health care can increase a person’s mobility, independence and ability to take care of themselves. It can also help reduce the risk of complications in chronic conditions or following illness or injury. As key members of today’s healthcare teams, AHPs provide treatment that helps transform people’s lives.

Support Services:
In hospitals Support Service Professionals from a variety of backgrounds work together to provide services for the betterment of patient’s health and well-being. These are the functions within the hospital which carry out much of the ground work. They support the work carried out by the doctors and nurses and their roles are crucial too in the working of a large health care institution. The work carried out by these support services ranges from providing food to patients, to maintaining cleanliness in the hospital.

Administrative Services:
Hospital Administrative Services play a key role in delivering the top-notch clinical services to the communities we serve. Our Administrative Services work closely with the front line departments to ensure patient safety, clinical quality and patient satisfaction. Administrative Services initiate coordination among various teams in order to achieve service excellence.

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