DJ Course, Music Production, Mixing and Mastering

Djing is no longer a career your parents will frown upon.  In fact, it is an extremely lucrative and a secure career option for all musically inclined souls.

Two main type of DJs – one who work for the radio/ FM channels (radio DJs- popularly known as RJs) and those who work at clubs & perform for a live audience at events (club DJs.)

DJs create music for an event or a radio audience by combining various genres and tracks through a variety of equipment like turntables, mixers, graphic equalisers, tape decks and several other sophisticated sound processers. They may work alone or with other music professionals, Master of Ceremonies, and even other DJs, depending on the event.

Common DJ Course Structure:

  • Introduction to the DJ Industry
  • Introduction to Equipment
  • Introduction to Music
  • Connecting Equipment
  • Tune Structure
  • Beat Matching
  • Live Looping
  • Sampling
  • Scratching
  • How to record your first demo track
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • DJ Booking/Promotions


Ableton Live DJ Course


Spin Gurus DJ & Music Production Academy (New Delhi, India)

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